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Rosebud Court of Record and the City of Lott Municipal Court

03/17/2020 12:33 PM | Cynthia Helmandollar (Administrator)

Due to various government ordered shutdowns and closures, today I issued orders for the Rosebud, Lott and Mount Calm courts to allow defendants to request a COVID-19 Variance on all mail, fax, window, online, and in-person no-contest and guilty pleas.  

 The order ensures penalties for criminal acts but ensures that necessary financial resources are maintained by citizens so they can effectively respond to the crisis.

 Requests for deferred adjudications and Driver Safety Program are eligible for the variance. The COVID-19 Variance will reduce the fine or special expense fee amount by 50%. Court costs are not eligible for the variance.   Defendants, as always, may continue to exercise their rights and request indigency status, alternatives to payments, and payment plans.  This variance in no way limits a defendant's right to request a trial by judge or jury nor any other right provided by the US and Texas Constitutions. 

 Matthew G. Wright, Presiding Judge 

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